Wind Turbines & Solar Projects

Wind Turbines
With the up and coming demand for wind power, CLC has been involved in the completion of wind turbine pads. Drilling our carefully planned pattern specific to each pad, we successfully ahead of schedule completed all pads in a safe and effective way.
Mclean’s Mountain Wind Project (Manitoulin Island) consisted of 24 General Electric 2.5 MW turbines.

Solar Projects
CLC has worked with many companies to complete various solar projects in locations throughout Ontario. Our main role is drilling clean, straight post holes into the foundation. With our multiple drills we are able to offer a wide range of hole diameters and depths. Anywhere from 2” to 14” diameter and we are able to drill as deep as desired.

Some of our recent completed solar projects consist of;

  • Unity Road Solar Project (Kingston, ON)
  • Cobalt Solar Project (Cobalt, ON)
  • Solar Spirit Solar Project (Belleville, ON)
  • Midland Solar Project (Wybridge, ON)
  • Westbrook Solar Project (Kingston, ON)
  • Oro Solar Projects (Shanty Bay, ON)
  • Goodlight Solar Project (Woodville, ON)
  • Glenarm Solar Project (Kawartha Lakes, ON)


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